I cant say enough GREAT THINGS about this firm!!!!!!!!! they went above and beyond for me in my situation.  All the staff is very easy to work with and respond very quickly!  My attorney was great in getting me what I thought was more than fair.  I strongly suggest using this firm!

Chuck Barker – Bend, Oregon

I wish to speak up for what our family considers the very best attorney possible.  She has handled more than one legal issue SUCCESSFULLY TOO, for us.  I can’t imagine someone so low as to even consider bashing Angela Lee law firm ,she if caring, considerate, knowledgeable, and successful.  Without hesitation my family would do some bashing our self if we believed in that low grade  kind of attack.  If the bashing is from other law offices  the ethics committee of the bar association should be informed; Angela is unequaled, professional, and thorough Our family, 19 in all are proud to call her our attorney.

James and Eva Barrett – Lebanon, Oregon

Angela was referred to me from my assigned Legal Shield legal firm (Kivel & Howard LLP, Portland) regarding her specific skills would be better suited for my needs. I am so glad they did!  I had a family matter involving my father that had me completely stressed out.  She took the case and treated it like it was her own family, at least that is how it felt to me, and what I desperately needed.  All the matters were resolved and I’ve since contacted her office for some additional LLC legal work.  Her office’s quote was much less than the Legal Shield attorney and SO much better to deal with.  Angela’s office treats me like a human and even though these are legal matters, they are not cold and impersonal like the Portland firm.

Ginger Coolidge – Lincoln City, Oregon

It is a shame in our world today that the only people who choose to write reviews are upset by their own circumstances. We had a situation that required legal assistance in the Bend area. Luckily a friend had found Angie Lee and recommended her to help us. I can’t say enough about her knowledge and willingness to work on a win-win solution either court. More important throughout the entire process her entire staff, Kevin and Kerri especially, we’re professional, patient and very willing to take the time to explain and guide use through the steps. In the end we were pleased with the result but more so grateful for their kindness and sympathetic support. Legal issues are tough, and you need to know you can trust who you choose to represent you. I heartily recommend the Law Offices of Angela Lee and her staff.

John D – Portland, Oregon

We filed bankruptcy using The Law Office of Angela Lee. We were very satisfied and happy with the services we received. Everything was filed and completed in a timely manner and very much to our satisfaction. We are especially grateful of the help that we received from “Katie.” She was a very special help to us getting everything done and completed! It relieved whole lot of stress for us! Angela was a joy as well! She’s a precious lady.

John and Virginia Adams – LaPine, Oregon

Angela Lee is the most compassionate, honest and caring attorney I’ve ever met. When I was stuck in a terrible situation, not of my doing, she represented me in a very aggressive and timely manner. Angela is a very sharp and caring attorney in Bend, OR. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have her at their side.

Fred E. Boone – Bend, Oregon

Angela Lee was very helpful for me when I was wrongfully accused of a crime. Angela Lee defended me very professionally which was a great relief to have someone on my side when in that situation. I would recommend her to anyone, confident they would get best advice and be well represented.

Troy Helm – Terrebonne, Oregon

Satisfied with your services and handling on my case.

Kieun Kim – Redmond, Oregon

Thank you for the opportunity to share! I adore Angela and I honestly will be grateful to her and her office forever. I was scared after I was served papers because of a visitation and support issue. I didn’t know what to do, and I felt completely helpless and afraid. I am so grateful to Angela and her staff. They explained everything and went to court with me.
They took the time to help me understand. When we went to court, I wasn’t fearful at all, because of all their work and care for me and my case. Everything went in my favor and for that, I will always be grateful.
Thank you Angela!

Lorelei Kryzanek – Bend, Oregon

I have had the great pleasure of having Angela and her team help me a few times in many complicated legal issues. No other Law Firm seemed to be able to work things out until Angela got involved. She is very wonderful, capable, knowledgeable and very fair. I highly recommend her firm and thank them all for the wonderful things they do.

Larry Moyer – Redmond, Oregon

I came to Angela Lee’s office, after being referred to her by two other attorneys who claimed that she was: ”the best family law attorney in Deschutes County.” My case was very complex, as I had to fight for custody of my son against the man who raped me. My son was conceived as a result of the rape. Even though the opposing party served a lengthy jail sentence, and was extradited to serve his time, the state of Oregon still allows him to have full parental rights. Angela, upon hearing my story, swore to me that this man will not get custody of my son.
Because of her drive and passion, I was awarded sole custody of my son. Angela proved to me that she sincerely cared for my situation before, during and after the trial, during which she showed me complete empathy and revealed her loving heart in more ways than one. I will always have a special place in my heart for Angela, and great respect for the fantastic work she does for her clients.

Sarah Shank – Bend, Oregon

Angela Lee did an awesome job representing my son in his legal battles, not only did she do a great job, she is very personable and we became good friends. I highly recommend Angi to represent any legal matters you may need help with.

Vicki Swanson – Bend, Oregon

I can best describe Angela Lee’s law office as very upbeat. Every time I have visited I have been greeted by a smiling face.
Both Angi and Marie hugged me the last time I was visiting – a hug to be remembered (one year later). Thank you.

Linda M. Voci – Redmond, Oregon

My experience with Angela and her employees was the best I’ve ever had. I now have custody of my two kids and they are doing extremely well because of this firm’s hard work. If it was not for the work that Angela did, my kids would not be where they are today. I would definitely recommend Angela and her team of professionals any day of the week.

Shawn Webb – Redmond, Oregon

When I needed help, Angela was there for me. She did what was best and told me the truth even when it was not what I wanted to hear. She was never about the money and has allowed me to make payments. Thank you to Angela and the whole office.

Amanda Anderson – Bend, Oregon

I am more than thrilled to say without a doubt that Angela Lee is the person you want helping you out! I have been blessed to work with Angela, and her staff. Because of her I have been given back my opportunity to be able to vote and pursue any career my heart desires. Angela worked very hard to help me and I believe she’s the most dedicated and toughest women anyone would want on their side. I have confidence that Angela can successfully help anyone, as she was able to successfully help me. Angela knows best and does the best! I’m more than grateful and thankful for Angela Lee.

Chelsie Hatch – Bend, Oregon

Thanks to the incredible team at the Law Office of Angela Lee I am very happy I left all my legalities in their hands. T hanks to them my life is back on track and I can move forward from my mistakes. Thank you, Angela, Sean and Kevin.

Zach Rhodes 

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